RMA eService System Help

n          Customer Usage Steps

n          Registration

n          Login



Customer Usage Steps

1.         Register a user account and password.

2.         Wait for the Notice mail from Portwell RMA System .

3.         Login Portwell RMA System with the registered account and password.



1.         Press <Register> button to enter register page.

1.         System will show the Portwell RMA Policy. Please read it carefully. 

n          Click <Agree> to continue registration.

n          Click <Reject> to abort registration.

n          You can view the Portwell RMA Policy any time by click the <Customer Area> link.


2.         Enter these fileds and press <Submit> button to finish this regeistration.

n          You can press <Check> button to check if the account exist.

n          [Password] : length must be over 4 chars.

n          [E-Mail] : Portwell RMA eService all messages will be sent to this mail.

n          [GUI] : This field is only used in Taiwan. (Government Unite Identity)

n          If there is no available sales on the list, please choose “RMA System Administrator”.

Your registeration request will be confirmed by the sales.


Registration Request created and confirmed

n          If you can see this page, it means registration request is created successfully.

n          The sales you selected will receive your request and confirm it.

n          If you receive a mail subjrcted as Portwell RMA eService – Registration Information

From RMAeService@portwell.com.tw, it means the request is confirmed.

n          And then, you can login RMA eService System with the account and password.



n          If account and password are applied, please enter them and press <Login> to access RMA eService System.


Login failure message

n          If registeration is not approved yet, your login will show this warning message.


n          If either [User Account] or [Password] is wrong, RMA system will show error

message like the below.


Login successfully

n          Account information are listed on this page.

n          You can access the Customer Area functions on the left.

n          Please click <Customer Area> to see Portwell RMA Policy.

n          You can press <Edit> button to revise account information .

1.         Press <Update> button to updae changes.

2.         Or press <Cancel> to cancel changes.